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LittleZotz Writing: Lauren Spear’s Website in Review

    LittleZotz Writing Founder Lauren Spear

    Imagine if you could work with a writer who is great at research, has good sense of humor, and is an all-time great horror artist? Welcome to the world of Lauren Spear a.k.a Lauren Tharp. She’s the brains behind LittleZotz Writing – a website that provides writing services and doubles up at a training ground for budding writers.

    What Is LittleZotz Writing By Lauren Spear

    A screenshot of Website captured in 2022
    A screenshot of Website captured in 2022

    LittleZotz Writing is a two-in-one website that targets clients who are looking for copywriting services and also newbies looking to sharpen their writing skills.

    The website was highly popular in early 2000s although its fame seems to have declined over time. This is perhaps due to the fact that Lauren, its founder, is rarely available to accept writing orders.

    What Is Lauren Up To These Days?

    Lauren is no longer a full-timer on the LittleZotz website. Her current main focus is on her HorrorFam project which, as the name suggests, is all about horror artistry and story telling.

    Apparently, she founded the company along with her husband Frank Spear and a few friends.

    That said, Lauren still responds to queries related to copywriting and can recommend great writers to you whenever she is unavailable to handle your project.

    A Bit of Background Info

    Lauren (Tharp) Spear hails from the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Area. She holds a Diploma in Journalism and has previously worked as a managing editor for the Be A Freelance Blogger website which is all about training new writers on the art of freelancing.

    She has also previously worked for The Penny Hoarder a relatively popular personal finance website associated with Kyle Taylor.

    So, if you’re looking for a finance copywriter, chances are that you’ll find Lauren’s work worth every cent.

    Final Thoughts on LittleZotz Writing

    Well, LittleZotz is more than just a writing platform. It is a website that has given many upcoming writers the confidence they needed to stand tall and be counted. We certainly hope to see the website regaining its usual momentum going forward.

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