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Bob Bly Freelance Writing Rates By Project

He is a highly-sought after author who the McGraw Hill once referred to as “America’s Top Copywriter.” But just how much does Robert W. Bly (or simply Bob Bly) charge for his A-list writing services? What’s his fee schedule like? We took a deep look at Bob Bly’s writing services and here are some of our takeaways.

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Bob Bly Fee Schedule in Detail

Most top-class copywriters rarely share their rate cards publicly. You have to contact them first after which they’ll respond with all manner of questions trying to understand the nature of your project so they can give you a quote.

Unfortunately, this can be unnecessarily time consuming and downright frustrating in some cases. And that’s why we really appreciate Bob Bly for always making his fee schedule public. That said, the latest PDF document that contains this information was initially published in 2020 and chances are that some of the prices mentioned in it might be slightly outdated.

So, only use the guide below to get a rough idea of the budget you need to have in place, but don’t hesitate to contact Bob himself for the actual and current fee list.

The Bob Bly fee schedule was as follows in 2020:

Video Sales Letters
(30 to 45 minutes)
$7,500 – $9,500
Long-copy Landing Page
(Sales page for consumer products)
$6,500 – $8,500
Clickfunnels Format Copywriting Services
$4,500 – $6,500
Medium Copy Landing Page
(Short length, for direct sales)
$2,500 – $5,500
Squeeze Page
(White papers, product demos etc)
$1,250 – $1,500
Presell Page
(Advertorials or informative ads with hyperlinks)
$1,500 – $2,000
Medium-sized Email Copy
(For driving traffic and leads)
$950 – $1,500
Short-sized Email Copy
(For driving traffic and leads)
$650 – $950
Autoresponder Series for Email Marketing$750 per Effort
Teaser Copy
(For pre-sale page)
$1500 – $1750
Banners, PPC, Ad Content
(Online text for adverts)
$550 – $650
Web Building & Content Package
(Creating simple website, homepage and up to 7 extra pages)
$5,500 – $8,500
Simple Home Page Content
(up to 300 words)
$1,250 – $1,500
Long-page Website Page
(Optimized for the search engines)
$2,500 – $7,500
Optimized Web Page Content
(200 to 400 words long)
$750 – $950
Comprehensive Web Audit
(Web structure, content, sales funnel, site map etc.)
$1,500 – $2,500
Table showing the copywriter’s fee schedule as documented in November 2020

How To Get A Current Quote from Bob Bly Himself

Step 1: On, you’ll need to visit the page that contains his contact form.

Step 2:  Fill all the details are required.

Filling in details to inquire about Bob Bly writing fees
Example of the contact form one can use to make inquiry on Bob Bly’s website.

Step 3: When it comes to choosing your budget for the project and you happen not to be too sure, you can go for the lowest range possible i.e., $1,000 to $5,000. That said, there’s quite a number of Bob Bly’s writing services that cost well under one grand and you can contact him about the same.

Selecting the Right Budget for Bob Bly Copywriting Services
Selecting the Right Budget for Bob Bly Copywriting Services.

Step 3: Once you’ve filled up all the key details, hit send.

Feedback from Bly Contact Form on Successful Submission
Feedback from Bob Bly Contact Form on Successful Submission

Bob normally responds within a few short hours especially during normal business days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay every last coin in advance to access Bob Bly’s copywriting services?

Well, for citizens of the great United States, Bob requires a 50% deposit and the other 50% upon delivery. However, for folks ordering from outside the country, the rule is to pay 100% of the fee in advance.

What is his turn around time?

You have to wait for one to two weeks for him to complete your project. That’s because he does everything by himself and never subcontracts other writers. So, if you have a tight deadline you might want to look elsewhere.

Bob Bly vs Chris Orzechowski

Both Bob and Chris are talented authors. That said, Bob has more books under his name, 90+ titles, as compared to Chris’ 3. Chris is big on ecommerce copywriting while Bob seems like an all-round copywriter. Lastly, Chris currently has no fee schedule publicly available unlike Bob who has laid it bare for all to see.

Susan Greene vs Bob Bly

Of course, Bob Bly has been around longer. According to his Linkedin Page he’s been writing content since 1979. On the contrary, Susan Greene has been plying her trade for the last 25 years.

However, unlike Bob who is quite selective with topics, Susan seems like a more versatile copywriter as she even writes content for clients marketing the controversial cannabidiol (CBD) products.

But as far as pricing transparency is concerned, Bob seems to be doing a better job with his public fees schedule. As for Susan Greene, you have to contact her support team and respond to all manner of queries to get a quote for her writing services.

Final Thoughts on Bob Bly Copywriting Rates

Bob Bly represents the crème de la crème of copywriting talent in the world. He has got many years of experience and yet surprisingly remains humble despite his popularity.

His Fees Schedule PDF document breaks down the charges he requires for every service on his menu. Granted, his products don’t come cheap! But if you don’t mind splurging on tried, tested and proven services, look no further.

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