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Terms & Conditions

At Subtle Writer, we are committed to delivering custom content that is 100% original, well-written, and meets your expectations. We believe in maintaining win-win conditions for our clients and our team, and our terms and conditions are designed to meet this objective.

Turnaround Times

Clients are expected to state their desired turnaround time during the ordering stage. The website has a feature that one can use to automatically provide details about their desired turnaround time. Please note that we cannot start working on your order unless sufficient information has been provided using our input tools. We may email you questions if something is not clear which could cause delays.

NB: For the avoidance of doubt, the word “Days” in the context of deadlines refers to Business Days. For example, 5 Days deadline shall refer to 5 Business Days and so forth.


The client owns the copyright of the content once the order is completed, fully accepted by the client and fully paid for. Subtle Writer does not resell or publish your content.

Product Review Articles Policy

Clients ordering product review articles are required to provide links to the products they would like reviewed. This should be done immediately the order is placed. In case this is not done, our support team may contact you for the same and this could cause delays.


We have zero tolerance to plagiarism. We use Copyscape Premium to check your content and all our writers are expected to do this. However, there are rare circumstance when certain legal or technical information has to be provided “as is” and re-writing the same would invalidate the statement. We will always be willing to communicate and help you in case of such rare occurrences.

Refund Policy

We have a strict refund policy in place. 100% refund is provided in case of duplicate payments or total failure on our part to deliver the order(s) in any form or design whatsoever. 50% refund is provided in case a client is still dissatisfied with the quality of our work even after 3 revisions. However, this refund will only be actioned based on our management’s findings upon conducting a thorough probe into the situations surrounding your order. The management’s decision will be final and binding. Read our full refund policy here.

PLEASE NOTE: Refunds will only be done using the payment information you provided during order placement. No refunds shall be provided for no reason or change of mind.

Deposit Policy

We do not provide refunds for funds deposited to our accounts. Deposits expire within 6 months of us receiving them. Clients are encouraged to place their orders within that period of time. NOTE: Fund refunds only apply to active orders that meet the requirements of our Refund and Revision Policies not deposits.

Revision Requests Policy

Subtle Writer provides clients with the opportunity to request a maximum of 3 free revision requests per delivered order. This opportunity lasts up to 3 days upon the submission of the first draft. Revisions requested outside of our 3-day window will be subject to a revision fee which is 50% of the amount the client initially paid for that particular order.

Revisions that necessitate the inclusion of additional wordcount beyond what was initially paid for will be rejected. The client can, however, request for additional wordcount to be included by contacting us so we can create a custom order for that matter.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept order changes or instruction updates once the content has already been assigned to a writer and is in the works. This happens 3 hours upon you placing the order. This includes (but not limited to) you putting an order on hold, completely changing the topic or direction of content, supplying additional requirements or information.

Order Approval

All orders shall be deemed automatically approved by the client within 3 days of delivery via email or any other program employed by the Subtle Writer management. Clients should check their content within 3 days of delivery and issue an acceptance or revision notes by email, chat, or phone conversation. After the 3-day period elapses, Subtle Writer will not be responsible for any errors or issues arising from that order.


Subtle Writer reserves the right to refuse any order or project with or without providing a reason. Types of content we may not write include: content with illegal or malicious intent or content from extremely rude, abusive or uncooperative clients. We want to make sure everybody feels comfortable and respected within our work environment.

Payment Policy

Subtle Writer requires upfront payments for every project. Work will only start if and when the full payment has been confirmed on our end. An automated email will be sent to the client once the payment has been processed.

Illegal Reversal of Payments

Subtle Writer takes each and every client seriously and will always strive to meet and exceed expectations. However, should the client withdraw the payment at any time e.g., through credit card claims, we reserve the express right to file a DMCA request. The GOOGLE DMCA policy is very strict and GOOGLE takes it very seriously. Without full payment to Subtle Writers, the client is entirely responsible for possessing content that does not legally belong to the client.

Updates to Terms & Conditions

Subtle Writer reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions at any time without notice.