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Refund and Returns Policy


Each one of our clients is entitled to a refund under circumstances where they have the right to avail the refund. Such circumstances include 100% refund when one is erroneously charged twice for one transaction and when we fail to deliver the assignment due to Force Majeure events or refusal.

Kindly note that we do not refund if the failure to deliver the order in time is due to misinformation or failure by the client to provide information or materials vital to the completion of the assignment. In the event that the failure to deliver is entirely due to our failure or inaccuracy, we provide 100% refund.

Refunds due to Revisions

We provide a maximum of 3 revisions per order. In case you are still not satisfied with our work we guarantee a 50% refund. However, this refund will only be approved/rejected based on our management’s findings after conducting a thorough probe into the situations surrounding your order. The management’s decision will be final.

Dissatisfaction with the Quality of Work

In the rare event that the client feels dissatisfied with the overall quality of the work done on their order, they can also initiate a request for a refund. However, the amount of money to be refunded will vary based upon investigations conducted by our management concerning the claim.

For example, refunds based on plagiarism concerns should always be accompanied by a plagiarism report from Copyscape Inc. Plagiarism issues can always be resolved through revisions but should the issues persist beyond 3 revisions then the client is entitled to 100% refund if the Copyscape originality score is below 50% after the third revision. Situations where the originality score is above 50% will be reviewed on a case to case basis.

The management will weigh the request and provide a fair judgment to all clients at all times. The management’s decision will, however, be final.


The opportunity to request for a refund lasts up to 7 days from the date of delivery of that particular order. Any refund request filed beyond that period of time will be rejected.

Time Taken to Process Refunds

The management requires at least 10 working days to process refund requests. We kindly request for your patience and total cooperation to make this process smooth and successful.

Updates to This Policy

Subtle Writer may update this policy at any time without issuing any notifications.

Need help?

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