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CBD Copywriter for Hire + Helpful DIY Content Creation Guide

    Cannabidiol or simply CBD is a buzzword that’s expected to keep experiencing a surge over the next few years. Therefore, as someone who owns an eCommerce store that deals in such products, it’s important to invest in a solid content marketing strategy so as to capitalize on this boom. And that’s precisely where the services of an experienced CBD copywriter come in handy.

    What Does CBD Copywriting Entail?

    The CBD market is unique in the sense that your potential clients would, first of all, want you to educate them. Your content needs to respond to their questions starting from the basics all the way to the advanced stuff.

    Generating Topic Ideas

    Good CBD copywriters will start by carrying out extensive keyword research to understand what your audience is silently searching for.

    One way to do this is by “Googling” with a broad keyword on the topic e.g., CBD, then scrolling to the bottom of the page to spot the suggested related searches.

    CBD Oil search related suggestions

    From that point, you can drill down into this information by clicking on any of the suggested queries…in turn, Google will also narrow-down its suggestions. For example, when I searched for visited “CBD oil for pain” from the Related Searches section, I ended up with the following:

    As you can see, this is an incredible way to zero-in on topic ideas. But that’s just one way to do it – another one is one we like to refer to as the ‘reverse engineering’ method.

    Reverse Engineering Your CBD Content Strategy

    Simply put, this method involves studying your competitors to identify what keywords they target. It’s more or less like spying on them and beating them at their game.

    To do this, simply identify the guy (or guys) ranking for the keywords that you would also like to target, pick their URL and search it on a tool called SEMRush. We run such a search on one a random CBD website and were able to see which keywords they rank for as shown below:

    CBD Oil for Pain related searches from drill down

    Our website of interest seems to be doing well for the keyword “cbd gummies” and this is a good place to start our drill down from. So, what you need to do is pick that keyword and run a Google search for it and drill it down a bit:

    SemRush domain analysis for a Cannabidiol (CBD) related website

    As you can see the Related searches section of Google does a good job in helping us narrow down our research. All those are topics people in your niche silently search for and you could take advantage of them.

    Establishing Your Brand as a Cannabidiol Authority

    There’s a huge information gap in the CBD industry. Your potential clients have all manner of questions lingering in their heads. This is where your skilled copywriter comes in. They respond to some of these queries and educate your readers thereby creating a high level of trust around your brand.

    A good copywriter should be capable of delving deep into crucial scientific data and still manage to sound friendly. The use of jargon is a no-no when you want to sell.


    1. Tell your readers about CBD’s therapeutic benefits

    2. Mental health benefits e.g. stress-relief & anxiety-relief

    3. Legal standing in different states and parts of the world

    Most importantly, all information relayed on your site should be backed with hard data (if possible from recent peer-reviewed studies). Avoid hearsay and guesstimates!

    A branded bottle containing CBD oil in an article on CBD copywriter work
    A branded bottle containing CBD oil

    Good CBD Copies Should Not Be Salesy

    Save for a few of your key landing pages, most of the content posted on your website should be informative and meant to induce trust rather than soliciting sales.

    Remember, most of the people who visit your website are not ready to make a purchase at that point in time. So, it would unrealistic to expect them to purchase whatever products you’re marketing to them at first sight.

    And since you still want to make money from your traffic, your skilled CBD copywriter will need to create content that strikes a balance between informing and marketing.

    Besides that, the content needs to be properly optimized without sounding like it is written by robots.

    And above all, well-written always goes down well when a lead magnet is added to the mix.

    More About Lead Magnets

    According to popular WordPress contact form developers WPForms, 50% of marketers report higher conversion rate when they start using lead magnets. HubSpot reports that eBooks remain the most popular lead magnets ranking ahead of free tools and webinars.

    Lead magnet effectiveness pie chart as used in an article on CBD marketing
    Pie Chart showcasing the effectiveness of different lead magnets.

    As you know, most of the people who visit your website for the very first time are unlikely to buy something. With lead magnets, it is possible to capture the details of such visitors so you can gradually build a relationship with them and, in turn, create lifelong customers out of them.

    Once again, the services of a competent cannabidiol writer will come in handy whenever you need to create content for your lead magnet e.g:

    -CBD eBook ghostwriting

    -Email marketing content writing

    -Content for the lead magnet landing page

    Be The King of Cannabidiol Content Creation

    Weed leaf next to a hand holding a pen, an illustration on CBD copywriter role
    Weed leaf next to a hand holding a pen illustration

    You basically want to position your brand as an industry-leader – and that way, you can conveniently build authority, attract backlinks and become the go-to reference point for all things cannabis. And, the best way to do that is by tackling the subject matter like no one has ever done it before. Some angles you can take include:

    -CBD Gummies: There’s a huge market for cannabidiol gummies that you can tap into if you have the right kind of content. You can have content written about their benefits, potential side effects, reviews, etc.

    -CBD Tinctures: Some users may prefer to use a dropper to take their CBD or even add it to drinks. Our research shows that there’s a wide information gap on this topic, one that you can have your blog writing service cover.

    -Sublingual Sprays: Anyone who prefers a discreet way of using concentrated cannabis products might want to go for a sublingual spray. Again, you can have your articles written around this subject matter discussing the uses, dosage, and even risks of this method.

    -CBD Vaping: Vaping is cheaper and cleaner. If a part of your audience is looking to learn more about cannabidiol vaporizing, you can have their queries responded to by an expert Marijuana content writer.

    -Big Brands in the CBD Industry: Leave no stone unturned! Boost your website’s reach by often bringing up the big brands in your content. Brands like Ben & Jerry’s, Cornbread Hemp, Saha CBD, and Lazarus Naturals are almost always trending, and covering them in your content strategy could help you ride on their popularity.

    How a Cannabidiol Copywriter Can Help

    High quality, relevant, and original web content can greatly transform your business’ online presence and prospects. In fact, according to a survey by SEMRush, 78% of brands that were successful with content marketing had a documented content marketing strategy in place.

    78% of successful content marketers in 2021 had a well-documented content strategy

    The same survey revealed that 53% organizations that skimped on their spending and spent less than 5% of their budget on content marketing did not succeed with content marketing.

    53% organizations that skimped on their spending and spent less than 5% of their budget on content marketing did not succeed

    By investing sufficient resources in your CBD content writing strategy, you stand to gain a number of benefits key among them the following.

    1) A Larger Client Base

    If your site’s visitors find your blog articles and landing pages informative, they are highly likely to share it. This even creates the possibility of some of it going viral. Without a doubt, as more people get to interact with your CBD content, you’ll have a unique opportunity to turn them into customers and also generate sales.

    2) Winning the SEO Battle

    As you probably already know, Google does not allow one to create ads for anything related to cannabis. So, PPC is not an option if you’re trying to grow your cannabidiol business online.

    Luckily, the rules are entirely different as far as organic search is concerned. And as the search engine continues to place more importance on quality of content (over quantity), you’d stand a better chance to earn search engine credibility and, therefore, rank higher for the keywords you target.

    And guess what…organic traffic converts like crazy. Plus, you don’t have to pay a single cent to access it as long as your content is right (plus the links and on-page SEO).

    3) An Opportunity to Showcase Your CBD Brand & Products

    Whether you want to sell the benefits of your CBD or simply educate the world about the side effects of hemp use – a functional content writing strategy can make things a tad easier for you.

    You could also use this as an opportunity to soft sell your products or even respond to FAQs and general topics on mental health.

    In a nutshell, content writing opens up your world giving you multiple perspectives that you can leverage as you seek to spruce up your brand.

    Final Thoughts on Weed Copywriting

    Could your business benefit from the services of an experienced CBD copywriter? Our copywriters are not only good at writing good content but also can help you fine-tune your content marketing strategy in general.

    Contact us today if you would like to hire a cannabidiol content writer who understands your industry better than everyone else out there.

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