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Alan Sharpe the Copywriter: A Review

    If you’ve been researching copywriting and suchlike topics on the web chances are that you’ve come across the name Alan Sharpe. He claims to be a “B2B technology copywriter” and that he has worked with big brands such as IBM and SAP.

    But can this old, soft-spoken bloke deliver a smashing copy for you? And if yes, at what are his rates? Here’s a review.

    Who Is Alan Sharpe

    Also known as the “Sales Enablement Copywriter” Alan is a Canadian copywriter, published author cum online trainer. He wears many hats! 

    The wordsmith claims to have received some form of training from the University of Toronto in 1989 and the St. Lawrence College (Ontario, Canada) in 1976.

    He may not have an actual degree but he seems quite good at what he does if the reviews we encountered on his Upwork profile are anything to go by.

    How Much Does He Charge for His Copywriting Services?

    As a premium and highly sought-after author, it’s no surprise that he charges a premium for his services. Alan Sharpe charges $125 per hour for short copywriting projects. 

    He, however, seems to prefer long-term contracts over short-term gigs. For that, he charges $4000 for a 10-page eBook and $2000 for a series of 8 email messages.

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    Is he a Native English Speaker?

    Of course, he is. He was reportedly born in Saskatchewan Saskatoon in mid-Southern Canada. Besides being a powerful writer, he’s also a fluent speaker of the Queen’s language.

    Alan’s Writing Career

    Alan started practicing as a copywriter in 1989. He set up his relatively popular copywriting company called Sharpe Copy in 1995. So, in total, he has been actively producing content for more than 3 decades.

    He claims to have worked with IBM, SAP, Hilton Hotels, and even John Deere although we could not independently ascertain those claims.

    Besides writing content for his clients, he also authored a Kindle book titled “30 Copywriting Secrets from the Best”. It’s a 180-page book that he got published in 2018.

    Awards & Achievements

    No doubt, this copywriting guru has a list of achievements under his belt. He’s a recipient of various copywriting certifications from the HubSpot Academy (a Cambridge-based online marketing training platform).

    Besides that, Alan is behind a relatively successful Udemy course that he calls the “Alan Sharpe 25-Hour Copywriting Masterclass”. At the time of writing this, Udemy reported that he had handled over 7,600 students…with his course attracting an average of 4.6-star ratings from 1,339 reviewers. How cool is that?

    To Hire Alan Sharpe Copywriter or Not?

    If you can comfortably cough out $125 per hour for this legend’s service then you definitely should hire him. He is a brand – and like any other big brand out there, he has every right to charge a pretty penny for his services.

    But if you would rather get content that is more or less within the standards of what this great legend can churn out without breaking the bank we’re up to the task. Yup, you read that right.

    At SubtleWriter we give you world-class services for less. Be sure to check out our samples and contact us so we can discuss your next project.

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