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Zenith Copy SEO Writing Service Review

    If you do a Google search for the keyword “best SEO copywriting services” one of the top results will be from a website called Zenith Copy. What you might not know is that behind this website is a relatively young copywriter who only started plying her writing trade in 2017.

    Her name is Chima Mmeje from Abuja, Nigeria. Just how good are her online copywriting services? Here’s our unbiased review.

    An Overview of the Zenith Copy Writing Service

    Zenith Copy is a professional content writing service established in 2019. The company has a global clientele and has a long list of notable clients including SEMRush, Wix, and even Skillshare.

    They might not be as big a name as Upwork, Scripted, or even TextBroker but they surely have got their act together in their own small ways.

    Indeed, the company has a strong search engine presence, thanks to the fact that the person behind it, Chima is a skilled SEO writer.

    What Are Their Writing Rates?

    Unfortunately, Zenith Copy does not publicly publish its copywriting rates. They prefer being contacted for quotes – a major downside for anyone looking for upfront pricing and transparency. The fact that you have to request for such basic details creates room for unnecessary back-and-forth, especially for anyone working on a tight budget.

    But that said, in a past related article written by Chima herself, she highlighted $600 as the ideal base price for SEO copywriting.

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    Abit About Chima Mmeje

    Chima hails from Abuja in Nigeria and Hertfordshire, UK. She started writing in 2017 working for a UK-based content mill before establishing her very own website two years later. The talented author has since managed to get her works featured on major websites among them Search Engine Watch.

    As far as education is concerned, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from a university in her native country.

    Awards & Achievements

    Her meteoritic rise to the top of various search engine results is a testament that Chima is not your ordinary writer. And to top it all up, she has a decent following on various social media platforms including Linkedin, Instagram, and Twitter.

    To Hire Zenith Copy or Not?

    She’s definitely a person you should consider working with especially if you’re looking for someone who is knowledgeable about SEO. Not many people know what SEO really is. In fact, most of the so-called SEO-informed writers think that good SEO is all about gaming Copyscape and getting two green buttons on Yoast.

    That’s far from the truth!

    In this day and age, Google considers many things including the freshness of ideas, topical authority, and so forth. And Zenith Copy seems to know that too!

    Gone are the days when basic writing skills would cut it.

    That’s why at Subtle Writers we prefer to describe ourselves as more than just writers. We are thinkers and our goal is to give you original stuff on a budget. We have a transparent pricing policy and a live chat feature for prompt response to all your queries.

    We’d definitely like to hear from you about your next SEO writing project. Feel free to hit us up anytime.

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