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Susan Greene Copywriter – A Review

    When she was nine, she took the plunge and sent a poem to the Archie Comics. Little did she know that this would be the beginning of a long journey to becoming one of the most sought-after copywriters in Florida.

    Welcome to the world of Susan Greene, the current CEO of Greene Marketing LLC, a copywriting company based in Orlando, Florida, USA – a review.

    Who Is Susan Greene? Meet the Copywriter

    Susan Greene is a copywriter who boasts over 25 years of experience. She’s a graduate of Syracuse University with a degree in BS Journalism and Communication.

    She comes from a family of entrepreneurs. Her dad was a real estate entrepreneur and her grandparents sold groceries to local institutions.

    Apparently, she started working as a professional copywriter at her first job working for an ad agency. It was during her short stint at this agency that she managed to set up her freelance website copywriting venture before finally quitting and founding a fully-fledged writing company in 1995.

    How Much Does She Charge for Her Copywriting Services?

    Details about how much Susan Greene charges for her services are not available publicly. You have to inbox her for a quote and wait for her to respond.

    This is a major downside to working with her especially when you have some urgent writing to be done. We don’t know about you, but we feel more comfortable working with service providers with upfront pricing.

    Having interacted with Susan before, we can tell that she is an extremely busy person and that her writing rates are well above $0.25 per word.

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    Other than that, Susan is a versatile writer who even provides writing services on frowned upon niches such as Cannabidiol (CBD).

    Awards & Achievements

    In 2016, Susan was featured in the “25 Successful Copywriting Experts You Should Know” article by Blogpreneuer. The Native English speaker’s Linkedin has a long list of recommendations including from Chima Mmeje, the owner of Zenith Copy (a competitor copywriting company).

    To Hire Susan Greene Copywriter or Not?

    Susan Greene is a fantastic and legit copywriter. She’s been in the game for close to three decades. So, no doubt, she’s a great person to work with.

    That said, it is worth clarifying that she doesn’t do all the writing on her own. She has a 10-man team of writers who do the heavy-lifting for her so she gets to focus more on quality assurance and marketing etc.

    Another thing, she doesn’t list down her writing rates which points to a potential lack of transparency on her part. You have to contact her for a quote and that often means waiting for long hours especially because her website lacks a live chat feature.

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