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Kate Toon: The Sydney Copywriter in Review

    She stands out as probably one of the best people that can create content that “pleases humans and the Google gods.” Meet Kate Toon. She of the “Recipe for SEO Success eCourse” and “The Clever Copywriting School,” Kate is a person worth learning more about. And that’s why we dedicated this entire blog post to her – to talk about who she really is, her history, accomplishments, rate card…you name it.

    Who Is Kate Toon?

    A misfit entrepreneur, an SEO enthusiast, a copywriting giant – those are just but a few of the adjectives that can be used to describe Kate Toon. She hails from Sydney Australia and has more than two decades of experience in advertising, copywriting, and marketing.

    According to her Linkedin profile, she is an alumnus of the prestigious University of Leeds from where she obtained a degree in English and History.

    Upon graduating from school, she worked for some of the world’s largest ad agencies including the well-known Ogilvy & Mather.

    But being the misfit she was (and still is), it was only a matter of time before the entrepreneurial bug bit her. And in 2014, she set up her own copywriting agency simply called Kate Toon. Just like that, she became the Australian copywriter that everyone wants to work or be associated with.

    How Much Does She Charge for Her Copywriting Services?

    She is a busy copywriter and her services do not come cheap. In fact, in one of her articles, she specifies that her rates are toward the upper end of the scale. In yet another previous article, she described “the upper end of the scale” price as $130 – $240 per hour. So, you can join the dots.

    Also, she, unfortunately, doesn’t charge per word and you have to contact her to get a quote.

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    Her Other Business Ventures

    Besides the Kate Toon copywriting venture, the entrepreneur also owns and runs the following three companies:

    -The Clever Copywriting School

    This is a platform where upcoming copywriters can sharpen their skills and improve their writing prowess.

    -Recipe for SEO Course

    Do you run an online business and would like to take advantage of organic search traffic? This course by Kate Toon might be what you need so you can learn the ropes.

    -Secrets of Successful Copywriters Podcast

    This is a podcast hosted by Kate and her compatriot Belinda Weaver. It discusses all things copywriting.

    -VoulezVouloz French Lessons

    She’s also a marketing manager for VoulezVouloz, a platform that trains Australians how to speak and write in French.

    Awards & Achievements

    Ms. Toon is a recipient of the Flying Solo “The Marketing Maverick, 2015,” the “AIMIA 2011 Best Social Media Marketer” among other words. The goddess of content writing has also been featured on leading platforms among them “The Daily Telegraph,” “The Sydney Morning Herald,” and the “HuffPost Lifestyle,” to name but a few.

    To Hire Kate Toon Copywriter or Not?

    There’s no doubt that Kate Toon is a skilled and competent copywriter. She’s a big brand and has got a wide network of clients. While it’s advisable to hire her, it is worth remembering that when you work with her you have to pay up for her many years of experience and brand.

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