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Freelance SEO Copywriter

Oh, so you just did a search for keywords relating to your business and realized your business is nowhere to be seen. Worry not. Welcome to the world of SEO copywriting, we are a freelance writing team that can help you out.

You know, SEO is made up of many tiny interconnected parts and each one of those parts needs to be addressed in order for your site to get its rightful position on the first page of Google. But… why the first page? Why Google?

Well, recent SEO data shows that 75% of searchers never browse past the first page of SERPs (short for Search Engine Results Pages). And besides that, 91% of searchers prefer to use Google over any other search engine tool out there. 

So, to win the SEO battle you have got to work with a freelance SEO copywriter who knows how to play by the Google rules.

Google Search Search Ranking Factors Indicating The Important of Content

Freelance SEO Copywriter Who Understands Your Business

No matter which niche you are in, we have got a keen and competent freelance writer looking to help your business get the edge it badly needs on the search engine front.

We are familiar with the latest Google search algorithm updates (Panda, Penguin, and Web Core updates, etc.) and know exactly what a business needs to do to survive and thrive. Most importantly, we are well-versed with the Google E.A.T criteria for SEO content writing.

E – Expertise

A – Authoritativeness

T – Trustworthiness

Plus, we have been in this game for several years now and can work with you to create great content so you’re left to focus more on the other ranking factors i.e. link building, social metrics, hosting, mobile friendliness, etc.

Our SEO Copywriting Services

When we handle SEO copywriting for you, we do more than just writing, we also:

* Conduct Supplementary Keyword Research

Besides the details you provide us with during the ordering process, we always take a step further to complement your efforts. We use tools like SEMRush and WordStream to gather extra ideas and to familiarize ourselves with the LSIs available for your chosen topic(s).

Whether be they longtail keywords or short tail ones, we’ve got just enough muscle to nail them all for you.

* We Analyze Your Competition

Yup, you read that right. We study your competition closely to see what it is they are doing right – and we then aim to do better than them. And don’t get us wrong. The idea is not to duplicate your competitor’s content strategy but rather to gather intel that we can leverage to provide you with unbeatable content.

* We Establish Your Topical Authority

Simply put, topical authority is a measure used to determine the depth of your website’s niche expertise. It is only achieved by hiring an SEO copywriter who can write content that comprehensively covers your areas of focus. 

The better your topical authority is, the higher your authority is likely to get – and this is precisely why we go beyond the basics like good grammar and flow to focus on exhaustiveness as well as the completeness of topical maps.

Tools like MarketMuse come in handy in that quest.

* Optimizing Your Content the Modern-Way

Long gone are the days when simply mentioning keywords multiple times in the introduction, body, and conclusion was enough to get you ranking sky high. These days, you have to do things a lot differently if you want to win.

Instead of forcing keywords and stuffing irrelevant information just to meet the word count, our SEO copywriter service takes the road less traveled instead.

Armed with sufficient intel from our supplementary keyword research efforts, we go ahead to make sure your content enjoys a balance between Google bot’s requirements and a healthy user experience (UX).

To us, quality trounces quantity any day.

Our Industry-Level Expertise Remains Unmatched

SEO concept with magnifying glass and words keywording, content, analysis, HTML, social media, design and ranking.
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Over the years, we have mastered the art and science of copywriting in a way that has enabled us to build on versatility. And therefore, whether you’re a locksmith, plumber or even a practitioner in the legal space our valuable writing experience has got you covered.

B2B Saas SEO Copywriter Services

Some of our most consistent clients come from the Software as a Service (SaaS) space. So, whether you have just launched a software program that you would like the world to know about or are simply looking to attract partners (or even subscribers), we are your go-to guys.

Health & Wellness Writer

Thanks to our hands-on experience in this industry, we are able to create informative, educative, and scientifically verified content for your website. We have worked with supplement manufacturers, retailers, and even dentists setting up their practices. We also do SEO work for emerging brands in the fitness and sports space.

Real Estate Copywriter

A good real estate copywriter needs to keep up with the latest trends and be able to convert complex data into simple nuggets that potential clients can bite. And although it is a broad industry, real estate brokers, agents, and developers can count on us to craft landing pages and even general blog content that convert.

Finance Writer

Our editorial team is made up of individuals with backgrounds in BA Economics & Mathematics. But besides that, we are actively involved in stock trading, crypto, fintech, and even the NFT markets. If you are looking for a knowledgeable writer in this space, and one with SEO knowledge, look no further. Let our in-house economists do the heavy-lifting for you.

Our Background In Online Freelance Work

We got started in online writing back in 2012. We joined the freelance writing world and cut our teeth in some of the most competitive content writing mills out there.

As our client roster grew, we kept gathering momentum too. This went on until we ended up dipping our feet in the digital marketing space too – particularly affiliate marketing.

Our continued success across those two fields led us to the idea of setting up SubtleWriter – a company that blends our copywriting knowledge with our hands-on digital marketing expertise.

The Copywriting Rates for Hiring SEO Authors

Expert copywriting rates start from as low as $15 an hour all the way up to $50 per hour. Of course, some complex projects can attract rates that are higher than that but that should basically give you an idea of what you might end up paying if you contract the services of a freelance author.

Normally, that translates to anything from $0.05 per word to $0.25 per word. Once again, the rates may vary owing to factors such as the nature of your order and the experience of the writer involved.

Graph showing estimated SEO Copywriting Rates

Your Dependable SEO Article Writing Service

Our experience both in copywriting and digital marketing is what separates us from other freelance copywriters out there. Through and through, we have earned precious skills not only in storytelling but also in search marketing and pay-per-click marketing.

Most of that expertise has been earned through long hours of hard work and research. And that’s why we have taken it upon ourselves to roll out this freelance copywriting agency to help small and medium-sized businesses out there that can do with a bit of a boost.

All our articles are 100% original – thoroughly checked through Grammarly, Copyscape, and 1text. And above all, they are written with lots of passion and after many hours of research.

You can take a look at some of our written samples, contact us or simply hire us directly here.

Freelance SEO Copywriter from the SubtleWriter team

Warm Regards (James & Team)